More Lion News

24th July 2011
RAID Monitor 3.2.2 has been tested against Lion for monitoring Software RAIDs. RAID Monitor 3.2.2 is fully compatible with Software RAIDs built using Disk Utility. Tests against the Apple Hardware RAID card will be completed as soon as possible.

First of the Lion Updates

22nd July 2011
We have just posted an update to EasyVPN to fix the Lion issues we have discovered. You can grab it from the EasyVPN product page or just to the right of this page

New Cat News

17th July 2011
We have been testing our apps against the upcoming Lion release. Here is the status of Lion compatibility from our tests so far:
  • Email Backup Pro 2.5.5 - Fully Compatible
  • Email Backup 2.5 - Fully Compatible
  • EasyVPN 1.5 - Needs a minor update to fix an issue with turning off the VPN services, and for minor UI changes due to Lion UI changes
  • iTunes Consolidator 1.7.1 - Needs a major update to fix an issue read the IDv3 tag from songs. This update is in the works now
  • RAID Monitor 3.2.2 - Still in testing.
If anyone has an Apple Hardware RAID card that you are willing to test RM3 against that would help greatly.
There will be more updates as the testing continues.

The first one drops...

22nd June 2011
EasyVPN 1.5 is available now. This new version includes more reliable starting and stopping of the VPN services, Auto-Filling of IP addresses, DNS addresses and Search Domains to help the initial setup be even easier. You can grab it from the EasyVPN product page

Right around the corner

21st June 2011
Some changes to upcoming releases have caused the delay in the release of VPN Reorder and EasyVPN. These changes include:
  • VPN Reorder 1.5 has become 2.0 due to the reworking of a lot of functionality. You can check out the preview of the new version at the VPN Reorder mini site. This new version allows for exporting and importing of VPN settings!
  • EasyVPN 1.1 has been bumped to 1.5. This new version will include more reliable starting and stopping of the VPN services, prefilling of IP and DNS addresses to help the initial setup be even easier. This new version is in final testing and will be available soon.

Here they come...

20th April 2011
A couple of the upcoming updates are now available.
  • Email Backup Pro has been bumped to 2.5.5 with a fix for Spanish and Dutch versions of Outlook 2011
  • RAID Monitor 3.2.2 is also out now.

On The Horizon...

1st April 2011
There are a bunch of news worthy this we though were worth sharing...
  • Drivetrain has been submitted to Apple for AppStore inclusion (no word back yet!).
  • EasyVPN 1.1 is in final testing. This update should fix issues with the starting on System launch.
  • VPN Reorder 1.5 is almost complete. This update brings the ability to Import/Export VPN configurations from one mac to another.
  • RAID Monitor 3.2.2 is complete and will be posted here over the weekend. This update adds another Email Agent to the mix - this one with better support for various Authentication methods.

Email Backup Pro/Drivetrain Updates

27th February 2011
Email Backup Pro has been bumped up to 2.5.4. This update includes a requested feature of being able to ask your mac to shutdown after a backup has completed. As well as a new built-in uninstaller - accessible from the Email Backup Pro menu, and a check at launch to ask for a move to the Applications folder. A few other minor fixes have also been included. As for Drivetrain, a final beta test has shown 2 minor bugs which will be fixed early this week, for a submission to Apple on about Wednesday. Fingers crossed...

Website Update

20th February 2011
We have made some minor upgrades to our website. The Contact Us form is no longer limited to 350 characters (its now 2000). Also we have added some quick download links for our major apps just on the right hand side of this page. Other upgrades are more minor, and there are some more on the way.

Almost There

18th February 2011
The Drivetrain 2.0 Website is now live. You can check it out here. The plan is submission to Apple over the weekend. Fingers crossed!

In The Can!

12th February 2011
Drivetrain 2.0 is complete! We are now working on the website for the new version. This should be done in a few days, then we will submit it to Apple for the AppStore (fingers crossed).


22nd January 2011
Its been a while since our last update. Not to worry, we have been hard at work on some exciting things. The new major update to Drivetrain is almost ready, We just need to update a few images and we will be good to go. First resubmitting to the AppStore - failing that Cydia. As a teaser I have posted a screenshot from one of the newer builds. For more info about the new version jump over to the Drivetrain website.

Quick Fix

11th November 2010
We accidentally released the update this morning with a corrupt Backup Engine. You can grab it now.

More Minor Email Backup Pro Tweaks

11th November 2010
We have just released another minor update to Email Backup Pro - Version 2.5.2. This new update fixes a few minor issues with German language Outlook 2011. It can be grabbed from the EBP page here.

Email Backup Pro Tweaks

8th November 2010
We have just released a minor update to Email Backup Pro - Version 2.5.1. This new update fixes a few minor issues with different language handling. It can be grabbed from the EBP page here.

RAID Monitor Minor Update

1st November 2010
RAID Monitor has just been updated to Version 3.2.1. This version has a fix to stop duplicate emails being sent.

Email Backup Updates

6th October 2010
Both the Pro and Free versions have both been updated to version 2.5. These new versions bring loads of fixes and improvements as well as new email client support - including the upcoming Outlook 2011.

RAID Monitor Update

14th September 2010
RAID Monitor has just been updated to Version 3.2. This version brings better support for Gmail, a choice of email agents and other minor fixes.

Updates Coming...

22nd July 2010
We have just submitted to the AppStore an update to Server Monitor to fix incompatibilities with iOS4. Also, coming soon are updates to RAID Monitor 3, and Email Backup Pro. Both should be available very soon.


11th June 2010
Due to a break in at our email/licensing location our email is currently offline. Any email sent to our email addresses will be received ok when we can get back to replace the stolen equipment, but there will be no replies until the replacement occurs. If you an require urgent response, you can contact us on Thank you for your patience.

Minor Tweaks

1st June 2010
Email Backup Pro has been updated to version 2.4.7. This version has a few fixes and minor improvements.

Bug Patch

13th May 2010
An update to Email Backup Pro fixes an issue that could occur when EBP tries to calculate this of the Apple Mail folder.

Minor Update

3rd May 2010
A minor bug and a minor new feature have been added in the latest EBP release - Version 2.4.5. You can get it from here.

Bugs Squashed!

23rd April 2010
The bugs that were discovered in 2.4.3 of Email Backup Pro have been squashed. The new build (Version 2.4.4) has fixes for both bugs as well as a few other minor tweaks. You can get it from here. It will be available using the built-in updater shortly.

Bugs found in EBP 2.4.3

22nd April 2010
A couple of bugs have been discovered in EBP v2.4.3. You can read about them in the side bar of the EBP page. A fix is underway and should be available within 24hrs.

Email Backup Pro 2.4.3

17th April 2010
Email Backup Pro version 2.4.3 is available today. This version adds support for Eudora 8.


25th February 2010
VPN Reorder version 1.1 is available today. This version adds support for multiple Network Locations.

Update and Holiday News

19th December 2009
iTunes Consolidator version 1.7.1 is available today. This version fixes a few niggling little bugs and includes a new licensing engine.
Also, we will be only partly staffed from the 21st December until the 31st of December. License keys will still be issued during this time - they might just take a bit longer to be sent out. Thank you in advance for your patience over the holiday break.


18th December 2009
Email Backup Pro version 2.4 is available today. This version includes support for Thunderbird 3, as well as a few bug fixes.

New Release!

24th November 2009
The first of our 2 new products is available - EasyVPN. This new application is aimed at those that want to run a VPN service but don't have an OSX Server laying around.
The second of our new apps will be online later this week - and it is a freebie!

Finally some news

19th November 2009
First up... Email Backup Pro 3.1.2 is now available. This update fixes an issue that could cause a restore to fail when using files with date at the start of the filename.
Secondly... In the next day or two, we are planning on releasing not 1 but 2 new products. More on that in a few days.


9th November 2009
RAID Monitor 3.1.2 is available today. This update fixes an issue that could cause RAID Monitor to crash when monitoring a Software RAID under 10.5.

Updates and Drivetrain Availablilty

7th November 2009
We quietly released RAID Monitor 3.1.1 today. This update fixes an image bug and an issue where a Software RAID would show 0MB in size.
Today we proud to announce the release of Drivetrain to the public. It has been a long time coming but it is now available through Rock Your Phone and will be available on the Cydia Store shortly.

Updates and Releases

24th September 2009
We quietly slipped out Email Backup Pro version 2.3.2 yesterday. This update fixes a crash on launch bug in Snow Leopard.
Today we released the final version of iTunes Consolidator 1.7 - yes it's out of beta!
And finally, today we released our newest free utility VPN Reorder - you can check it out here.

Snow Leopard Compatibilty

1st September 2009
RAID Monitor 3.1 is now available. This update brings Snow Leopard support as well a few other goodies. You can download it from here.

Snow Leopard Compatibilty

28th August 2009
After testing our products with Snow Leopard, we have found that Email Backup, Email Backup Pro, iTunes Consolidator all work fine with the new cat. RAID Monitor 3 however, will need a minor update. This update will be released early next week.

Email Backup Pro 2.3

16th August 2009
Postbox support heads the improvements in Email Backup Pro 2.3. It is available now. You can read more about the update on the Email Backup Pro page.

Email Backup Pro Update

15th July 2009
Our popular Email Backup Pro application has been given a minor update today, as well as the Email Backup On Mount add-on. You can read more about the updates on the Email Backup Pro page.

New Name, New Home!

2nd July 2009
Welcome to our new home. Squashed Software is the new name for Maza Digital. To go with our new name, we are also launching our new website.

Product Releases

2nd July 2009
What's a new home without a house-warming present? We are proud to introduce RAID Monitor 3. RAID Monitor 3 is a brand new version of our popular monitoring utility. For full information check out the RAID Monitor page.
We are also pleased to release a new beta for iTunes Consolidator 1.7. This release improves on the last beta in many ways.
Also in the works are updates to Email Backup Pro and Server Monitor.

Drivetrain News

2nd July 2009
Our much publicized Transmission remote control iPhone app, Drivetrain, has been officially rejected by Apple. They have stated they will not post apps of this kind to the AppStore. This leaves us with one main option: Cydia. We are investigating getting Drivetrain onto the Cydia Store. More info as it becomes available.